Where is my learning on LinkedIn?

Where is my learning on LinkedIn?

To access the My Learning pages, log in to LinkedIn Learning and click the Me icon in the upper right of your Learning homepage. From this list, you can choose to access courses you’ve saved or viewed, skills you’ve added, and more.Jan 3, 2018

Can I use LinkedIn Learning on mobile?

LinkedIn Learning offers mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The Learning apps can be downloaded from your device’s app store.Sep 3, 2019

How do you use icons on LinkedIn?

– Highlight the symbol you’d like to use with your mouse and copy it.
– Open the section on your LinkedIn Profile that you want to add the symbol to and navigate to the place you’d like the symbol to appear.
– Click paste and you’re done.

What is the More icon on LinkedIn?

With one simple click on the “More” icon on the navigation bar you can also now easily find and launch into other experiences that matter to you, like LinkedIn Groups, Lookup and LinkedIn Learning. Highlights: When looking at someone’s profiles, discover what you have in common in the new “Highlights” section.Jan 25, 2017

What does the lightning bolt mean on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn uses a lightning bolt icon next to the publisher name on the linking post, so it’s easy to tell the link goes to an AMP if you know what to look for. Other apps link to AMPs transparently, without any visual cues.Feb 24, 2017

What is the blue in icon on LinkedIn for some profile?

From profile to profile, LinkedIn will “guide” you toward selecting its preferred actions by making the choices more visible. Blue stands out, drawing your attention. So the blue button’s text will be Send a Message for your 1st-degree connections, and Connect for your 2nd-degrees and some of your 3rds.Nov 29, 2016

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Do I get a badge for LinkedIn Learning?

When you complete a course or learning path on LinkedIn Learning, you’ll be prompted to add the certificate for the course or the learning path and new skills to your LinkedIn profile. You can access the courses or learning paths you’ve completed from your Learning History page.Aug 16, 2020

Does LinkedIn have digital badges?

Digital badge credentials are most often displayed in the accomplishments section of a person’s LinkedIn Profile and on other social media outlets. The digital badge can be validated by a potential employer with just a click.Jul 29, 2017

Are certificates from LinkedIn Learning worth it?

LinkedIn Learning certificates are a good value for anyone close to the following cases: Professionals who are already active users of the LinkedIn platform. Those looking to develop or explore their professional skills further. Those looking to differentiate themselves in networking and job hunting.

How do you get a badge on LinkedIn?

Log into your LinkedIn account, and go to your Profile page. On your Profile page, click on Edit Public Profile & URL on the right side of your profile. Scroll down and look on the right side of the page for the Public Profile Badge box and click on Create a Badge.Jan 15, 2021

How do you insert a logo into LinkedIn?

– Go to your profile and the relevant job.
– Click the edit pencil at the top right of that job’s section.
– Start typing the company name into the dialog box.
– Click the appropriate company name when it comes up.
– Make sure it populates the dialog box with the company name and logo.

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How do I download a LinkedIn badge?

– Click MORE > Share to LinkedIn Profile. A pop up displays with your Digital Badge information.
– Click Open LinkedIn. …
– In the Skillsoft Digital Badge tab, copy the text for each field, copying it into the appropriate LinkedIn field.
– When complete in LinkedIn, click Save.