What type of battery is a BMW battery?

What type of battery is a BMW battery?

The BMW uses a lead-acid battery. You have two types to choose from: Gel or absorbent glass mat (AGM). The manufacturer recommends that you replace the OEM battery with an OEM AGM battery.Oct 16, 2021

Can I put a non AGM battery in my BMW?

Sure, you can use any lead acid battery. For best service it must be properly registered with the ECU as the appropriate charging protocols are VERY different.Nov 20, 2018

How long do BMW AGM batteries last?

On a final note, you can expect your original or quality replacement BMW battery to last 4-8 years in a properly operating BMW, and 5-10 years with an AGM battery.

Does BMW need special battery?

What BMW models need to have new batteries registered? All the newer BMW models are equipped with what BMW calls Intelligent Battery Sensors, or IBS, and therefore require battery registration.

What happens if I use a non AGM battery?

Yes, as long as you can get one that fits into the same physical space as the AGM. It will last longer than the AGM and work much better than the AGM. The only difference is that it will need to be charged longer than the AGM.

Can I use a regular battery instead of a AGM battery?

When the AGM battery dies, you can replace it with another AGM or go back to a normal battery. … Keep in mind that these two battery designs have different charging characteristics, so make sure you use the correct charger or tender for your battery.

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Can you use any battery in a BMW?

Yes, you can. Make sure to code your BMW, so it knows the battery type has been changed. Perform battery registration as well.

Does BMW use AGM battery?

On a final note, you can expect your original or quality replacement BMW battery to last 4-8 years in a properly operating BMW, and 5-10 years with an AGM battery. So when looking for the best BMW repair or service in or around the Dallas Ft. Worth area, contact Ultimate Bimmer Service at 214-254-4470.

Which battery is best for BMW?

NORTHSTAR Group 94R (L4) Battery is one of the highest-rated batteries that fit BMW vehicles. AGM technology battery, which is what most newer BMW use. 2002 and newer BMW with lead-acid battery can use this battery but will need to perform coding to change battery type.

Does a BMW need a special battery?

Conventional car batteries can be used for BMWs with average power requirements. Therefore, you don’t need a specific BMW car battery if your car doesn’t have sophisticated car accessories or a start-stop system.Jul 27, 2020

What happens if you don’t Program BMW battery?

What if I skip programming or registering my new battery / Is registering a BMW battery necessary? Skipping this step WILL shorten the life of the battery as well as potentially damage your vehicles electrical system. The new battery will become overcharged as the car still thinks the old battery is installed.Feb 3, 2017

Why does BMW battery need to be programmed?

The model and power of the battery determine the charging curve and therefore the correct battery has to be programmed into the ECU to prevent damaging the battery by charging too fast, too slow or overloading the battery.

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How do you initialize a BMW battery?

– Plug your BMW scan tool into the OBD2 port under the dashboard. …
– Turn ignition on, the key to position II. …
– Select BMW. …
– Scroll down to the Body menu 4.
– Scroll down to Power Supply (Battery) and press Enter.
– Select option 2 for Battery registration.