What is the best 410 pistol?

What is the best 410 pistol?

– Taurus Judge. The Taurus Judge is perhaps the best-known . 410 revolver on the market. …
– Smith & Wesson Governor. Our next pick comes from Smith & Wesson, and I think we can all agree S&W knows revolvers. …
– Magnum Research BFR. Last up is the Magnum Research BFR.

Do they still make the Taurus Judge?

More than a decade since it was first introduced, the legendary Taurus Judge® series of revolvers still rule. Today, it’s available in more than a dozen models.

Whats the difference between a Taurus Judge and a Taurus public defender?

The base model has a rear sight notch cut into the top strap, the Raging Judge has a raised rear sight (part of the frame) and the Public Defender has low-profile rear sights. This is a double-action revolver, so trigger pull will be an issue for all of you plastic fantastic fanboys out there.May 23, 2018

Is a 410 revolver good for self defense?

410 shotgun shells or . 45 Colt ammunition, making it ideal for the short distance shooting that most commonly occurs in self-defense and home defense situations. … Because this revolver offers superior accuracy and short-range shooting performance, it can be an ideal handgun for home defense or protection in a car.

What pistol can shoot a 410?

Taurus Judge
Feed system

Do they make a 410 revolver?

410 shotshell. The four Taurus Judge Magnum revolvers have 3-inch chambers to handle the larger, more popular . 410 hunting and defensive loads. For something in an even more compact package, Bond Arms makes several models of its double-barrel derringers chambered for .

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What guns shoot 410 shells?

While a . 410 is inferior to the traditional 12-gauge shotshell for defensive use, a number of companies market defensive guns chambered in . 410, such as the Mossberg 500 Home Security Model shotgun, the Smith & Wesson Governor revolver, and the Taurus Judge revolver.

Are .410 revolvers good?

The 410 revolver was so popular that Federal created specialized handgun loads for the round. They admittedly performed a good deal better than most 410 buckshot loads. They were capable of reaching the standard FBI depth but packed a punch of recoil.Dec 9, 2020

Is a 410 pistol good for self-defense?

While the . 410 has long been thought of as a small game and pest gun, self-defense . 410 shells are quite formidable at in-the-room ranges for personal defense. Most would consider either gun, even their short-barreled versions, too bulky for concealed carry, so these would be mostly home-defense guns.

How effective is a 410 revolver?

It’s as effective as a heavy limb or machete for popping off snakes. There could be an argument for a 410 revolver loaded with a round of birdshot for snakes and 45 Colt for everything else when heading into the wilderness. Ultimately, the best reason to own a 410 revolver is the reason why they were so popular.Dec 9, 2020

What is the best revolver for personal defense?

– S&W 686 Plus. …
– Ruger GP100. …
– Colt King Cobra. …
– Taurus Tracker 627. …
– S&W 638. …
– Taurus 905. …
– Charter Arms Undercover Lite. …
– Ruger LCRx. Ruger’s LCRx is one of the most recent introductions to the concealed carry revolver market.

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What is the Taurus Judge good for?

The Judge is a bedroom gun as well as a field gun. As a field gun for protection against snakes, the Judge makes a lot of sense. While the old Snake Charmer shotgun did just fine, I prefer more than one shot and the Taurus gives us five. … The Taurus is a swing-out cylinder, double-action revolver with fixed sights.Jan 26, 2014