What is a standard size suitcase?

What is a standard size suitcase?

Size Height Width
———————- ————- —————
X-large Cabin Suitcase 56cm / 22inch 38cm / 15inch
Medium Suitcase 60cm / 24inch 43cm / 17inch
Large Suitcase 69cm / 27inch 47cm / 18.5inch
X-Large Suitcase 81cm / 32inch 55.8cm / 22inch

What is a good size for a suitcase?

Ideally, we recommend that your travel suitcase measures 22” x 9” x 14” or less. This is small enough to fit into the overhead compartments on most airlines. Note that US domestic carryon size is larger than European carryon sizing. Choose an “international” carryon like these to be sure.

Is a 28 inch suitcase a carry on?

Airlines often specify that a carry-on bag may not exceed 45 linear inches (length plus width plus height). … The maximum dimensions cannot exceed any of the following measurements: 22 inches long by 14 inches wide by 9 inches tall or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm).”Jun 12, 2014

What size is a 23kg suitcase?

The most common weight restriction for checked luggage on budget airlines is 20 or 23 kg (44 or 50 lbs). The best luggage size for this weight restriction is between 25-29 inches (longest size). That’s because 20 or 23 kg checked luggage has to be under 62 linear inches (157 cm).Oct 30, 2021

Are 29 inch suitcases allowed on planes?

So always remember to get a suitcase below 62 linear inches and make sure that the wheels and handles are included in these measurements. Most 32, 31, 30, 29-inch and about half of 28-inch bags will be over this limit.Nov 11, 2021

Can you check a 31 inch suitcase?

Generally, all 32, 31, and 30-inch, most 29-inch, and about half of 28-inch checked luggage is considered oversized, or over the 62-inch limit.Nov 11, 2021

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What are the sizes of suitcases?

Size Height Depth
———————- ————- —————-
X-large Cabin Suitcase 56cm / 22inch 24.5cm / 9.5inch
Medium Suitcase 60cm / 24inch 26cm / 10.5inch
Large Suitcase 69cm / 27inch 35.5cm / 14inch
X-Large Suitcase 81cm / 32inch 35.5cm / 14inch

What is a medium sized suitcase?

Medium-sized check-in luggage measures 25-26” tall and around 18” wide. * One medium-sized suitcase will generally hold what you need for a week-long getaway. (See our sizing chart for more detail.) Large check-in luggage is great for longer trips, lots of gear or multiple people.

What is the largest size suitcase you can check on a plane?

62 linear

Can you carry on a 25 inch suitcase?

You can check in any size luggage, but the most common checked bags are larger than typical 22” x 14” carry-on bags. The most popular size check-in luggage is 25- to 29-inches tall and various widths. Medium-sized check-in luggage measures 25-26” tall and around 18” wide.

Is 25 inches too big for carry on?

Though you might find an inch or two of a difference with various airlines, the standard domestic carry-on luggagecarry-on luggageThe IATA guideline at one time stated: Cabin baggage should have a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches) including all handles, side pockets, wheels etc.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Hand_luggageHand luggage – Wikipedia size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″, which includes the handle and the wheels. This size limit ensures your bag — and ideally everyone else’s — will be able to be stored safely in the overhead bin for your flight.May 1, 2021

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How big is too big for a suitcase?

Checked Luggage Most airlines will allow you to check one bag and have one carry-on bag. There is normally a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds per checked bag as well as a size restriction. The most common maximum size bag allowed is 62 linear (total) inches. A common size bag for checking through is: 27″ x 21″ x 14″.