What frequency do regular walkie-talkies use?

What frequency do regular walkie-talkies use?

Two-way radios (or walkie-talkies) generally operate in the 136 MHz to 900 MHz frequency range, as defined by the FCC.Sep 29, 2015

What is the police channel for walkie-talkies?

Police radios operate in a 700/800 MHz UHF band. This gives them a considerable amount of range which is pretty good in urban areas. The P25 radio systems give an improved range for officers. Getting a larger antenna on your walkie talkie can improve the amount of range you receive.Apr 17, 2020

Which FRS channel should I use?

FRS channels 1 through 7 overlap with GMRS and can be used to communicate with GMRS radios. If you need to talk only to other FRS radios, use channels 8 through 14 to avoid possible interference with low band GMRS users.

What channels can I use on my two-way radio?

– 467 MHz Interstitial Channels (Channels 8-14) Previously FRS only channel, now open to GMRS users. …
– 462 MHz Interstitial Channels (Channels 1-7) GMRS power limited to 5W. …
– 462 MHz Main Channels (Channels 15-22) Previously GMRS channels, now open to FRS users. …
– 467 MHz Main Channels.

What frequencies can I use for walkie-talkies?

Two-way radios (or walkie-talkies) generally operate in the 136 MHz to 900 MHz frequency range, as defined by the FCC. This is an overview of the various services and bands of frequencies.Sep 29, 2015

How many channels do two way radios have?

Channels. A channel is a frequency on which two way radio users can communicate. There are 14 FRS channels and 15 GMRS channels, and of those 7 are shared. Radios supporting both FRS and GMRS will support 22 channels.

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What can you do with a 2 way radio?

– 5 Things A 2 Way Radio System Can Do For You. …
– Text Messaging. …
– Stun & Revive Feature. …
– Voice Recording And Replay. …
– GPS Tracking. …
– Fleet-Wide Emergency Notification.

Can walkie-talkies pick up police radio?

The police are not on any channel on any ‘walkie – talkie’. They have their own frequencies that vary from place to place, and are on a band that only they are allowed to transmit on. You can listen, however.

What frequency are police radios on?

Frequency MHz Available for Public Safety
————————— ——————————-
25-50 MHz (VHF Low Band) 6.3 MHz
150-174 MHz (VHF High Band) 3.6 MHz [non-contiguous]
220-222 (220 MHz band) 0.1 MHz

What is the emergency channel for walkie-talkies?

channel 9

What channel is best for walkie-talkies?

To put it simply, for maximum power, use channels 1-7 or 15-22. Most consumer radios support two or more power modes. To get the most range, be sure that you are using high power mode on the channels that allow it. Lower power modes will not use all of your radio’s possible output power and will reduce range.Jul 7, 2006

Are all FRS channels the same?

Channels. There are 22 FRS channels. Each channel has a bandwidth of 12.5 kHz, but the power of each channel may vary as indicated below. All channels are shared with GMRS, so you may hear communications from licensed GMRS stations on these channels.Sep 20, 2017

What channels are FRS only?

Channel No. Frequency Power (ERP in Watts)
———– ——— ——————–
8 467.5625 0.5 W
9 467.5875 0.5 W
10 467.6125 0.5 W
11 467.6375 0.5 W

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