How good is an 8-inch telescope?

How good is an 8-inch telescope?

An 8-inch telescope (it doesn’t matter what type) will move you into a new dimension of viewing. The objects you see with an 8-inch scope will reveal more detail. Keep in mind, however, that if you stay interested in observing, you’ll crave even larger scopes.Apr 1, 2014

What magnitude can an 8-inch telescope see?

With a limiting magnitude of 14 for an 8″ telescope, you should be able to see the quasar 3C273 which has an apparent magnitude of 12.9, however you will need extremely good viewing conditions (very dark skies, very low seeing) and well collimated optics.

What can you see with a 8 Dobsonian telescope?

Literally, thousands of celestial objects will be visible with your Dobsonian Reflector. Everything from huge galaxies, nebulae and star clusters to smaller planetary nebulae, double stars, and millions of suns in the far off regions of space will be within the grasp of your telescope.

Is an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope worth it?

Yes. The 8inch is a kind of best choice. A dobson is suitable for: Visual observation of galaxies, nebulas, star clusters, planets, double stars, but DO NOT expect to see images in the eyepiece as you see on the internet.Nov 15, 2020

Is 10mm or 25mm better for telescope?

The smaller (higher magnification) is normally around 10mm. … The eyepiece with the longer focal length say 25mm (low power) used on a telescope with a 1000mm focal length will produce a magnification of 1000 ÷ 25 = 40x.

What is a good size refractor telescope?

In general, a top-quality 4-inch refractor shows deep-sky objects about as well as a 5-inch reflector or catadioptric, and might even do a bit better on the planets. Most telescopes with apertures of 80 mm or less are refractors.

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What can I see with a 100mm reflector telescope?

– The maximum magnitude of a 100mm telescope is 13.6. For reference, the Moon has a magnitude of -12.74 and Mars has a magnitude of -2.6. …
– The Moon. …
– Mars. …
– Venus. …
– Jupiter. …
– Saturn and Neptune. …
– Pluto and Dwarf Planets. …
– Mercury.

What can you see with 8-inch telescope?

Bode’s Galaxy (M81) glows brightly enough to show up through binoculars, but the larger the telescope you can point at it, the better. Through an 8-inch scope, you’ll see a large, bright central region surrounding the much brighter core.Feb 22, 2019

What is the difference between a 6 and 8-inch telescope?

The 6-inch may have a longer focal ratio and may be better at looking at the moon. The six inch is far more portable and user friendly, easier to make a good mirror, and less expensive. The 8- inch would require a heavier mount. Either one would be a good scope.

Can you see Andromeda with 8-inch telescope?

Located south of Andromeda, this fainter galaxy will be hard to spot even in an 8-inch telescope if the night isn’t perfectly dark. … The Andromeda Galaxy, the Triangulum Galaxy and our own Milky Way are the three largest members of our local cluster of galaxies, imaginatively called ‘The Local Group’.Dec 7, 2021

What can you see with an 8 inch reflector telescope?

The Moon, the bright planets, bright binary stars, bright open and globular clusters, bright nebulae, and bright galaxies are all possible targets.Feb 22, 2019

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What does an 8 inch telescope mean?

I’ve heard “bigger is better” is true when it comes to telescopes. … An 8-inch telescope (it doesn’t matter what type) will move you into a new dimension of viewing. The objects you see with an 8-inch scope will reveal more detail.Apr 1, 2014