How does sax mouthpiece affect sound?

How does sax mouthpiece affect sound?

The saxophone is a wind instrument, so from an acoustic point of view, the material of the different components (including the mouthpiece) has no effect on the sound.

Do saxophone mouthpieces make a difference?

Some people feel mouthpiece material has a direct impact on sound and some feel otherwise. … The result is that there is no significant difference in a listener’s perception of saxophone sound when steel or hard plastic mouthpieces of similar dimensions are employed in playing long tones on a saxophone.Sep 17, 2021

How do you get a jazz saxophone sound?

What mouthpiece did John Coltrane use?

Otto Link mouthpiece

What mouthpiece did Coltrane use Soprano?

John Coltrane Quartet – “Impressions.” Though he played a soprano saxophone, he was most famous for his work on tenor sax. For both soprano and tenor, he was known to use a Selmer Mark VI with a (possibly altered) 5-star medium metal Otto Link mouthpiece and a #4 Rico reed.Jul 21, 2015

What mouthpiece did Charlie Parker use?

Charlie Parker is also known to have played a Brilhart Ebolin, a Runyon Model 22 and, perhaps surprisingly for an alto player of his style, a metal mouthpiece made by Selmer. He used very hard 4 strength reeds, although he may have begun using softer reeds in the 1950s.Sep 24, 2021

What mouthpiece did Michael Brecker use?

He played a Selmer Mk VI tenor, a Dave Guardala mouthpiece made especially for him and LaVoz medium reeds. He said that prior to playing the Guardala mouthpiece he was playing a more resistant mouthpiece with a harder reed.Dec 29, 2017

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What mouthpiece did Phil Woods use?

The Phil Woods Story For much of his career Phil Woods played an un-modified New York Meyer 5M given to him by a friend in the 1950’s. The Drake Phil Woods model mouthpiece is an exact reproduction of this treasured piece of history.

Do jazz saxophone mouthpieces change the sound?

The mouthpiece is where the sound begins. … The air you blow forces the reed to vibrate against the mouthpiece, and these vibrations then go into the horn to be shaped and changed into the glorious bright sound and notes we love from the sax.

Do mouthpieces make a difference?

Mouthpieces can make a huge amount of difference. If you’re playing to grade 5 you’re probably ready to move onto a better mouthpiece than the one supplied with your sax. I would suggest making an appointment with your sax shop to try out a few different ones to see which sound you prefer.Nov 15, 2008

How important is a sax mouthpiece?

Quality saxophone mouthpieces play a vital role in allowing a player to achieve desired results. The key word here is “desired.” The most important factor that determines tonal quality (or tonal “style”) is the model of tone that a player has in his or her mind’s ear before blowing the instrument.May 29, 2019

Are Jody jazz mouthpieces good?

Jody was the only mouthpiece maker to respond. … “Consistency” is the word that best describes a JodyJazz mouthpiece. All three mouthpieces I reviewed were clean, offering no manufacturing marks, imperfections or muddling of plating. Side and tip rails are even, sharp and precise.

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How do I choose a tenor saxophone mouthpiece?

The Saxophone Mouthpiece (and Clarinet Mouthpiece) Tip Size, or Tip-Opening, is the distance between the reed and mouthpiece tip. This number is usually on the side of the mouthpiece body, or on the table. The smaller the tip size the more narrow the opening; the larger the tip size the larger the opening.

How can I make my tenor sax sound better?

– Overtones. …
– Practicing on the Mouthpiece Alone. …
– Roll the Lower Lip Out. …
– Practice Your Long Tones (duh!) …
– Play Using the ‘EEE’ Sound. …
– Avoid Tension While Breathing. …
– Practice Proper Articulation. …
– Forget About Finding Better Gear.