Can I scan a USPS tracking barcode?

Can I scan a USPS tracking barcode?

“Whenever and wherever they are, customers can check the delivery status of their shipments by simply scanning the barcodes on their shipping label receipts,” said Kelly Sigmon, vice president, Channel Access.Jan 12, 2012

How do I scan a QR code with USPS?

Go to to be directed to the QR code scanner page. Note that the user needs to allow permission to access the device camera to allow the scanner to capture the QR code ready to be scanned. The access permission only happens once the first time the scanning feature is used.Jul 28, 2020

How do I scan my USPS tracking number?

Enter the USPS tracking number (to find it, simply look at the bottom of a shipping label) in the search bar; do not include any dashes or spaces. Click on “Check Status”. View the scan history and status information of your package.

What does a USPS barcode look like?

An Intelligent Mail barcode consists of 65 vertical bars, each representing one of four possible states: full bar, ascender, tracker, and descender. These 65 bars encode a string of 31 digits, divided into two parts: a 20-digit tracking code and an 11-digit routing code (when required).

What is the barcode on US mail?

A barcode is a series of long and short bars that represent ZIP Codes, ZIP+4 codes, and delivery addresses. The Postal Service uses automated equipment that reads the barcode to process and sort mail. At the Postal Service, the barcode tells us where to deliver your mail.

Can you scan a USPS barcode?

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service has launched a new mobile application for iPhone users that allows them to use the device’s camera to scan barcodes on shipping labels for quick, easy and convenient tracking of their packages and other mail.Jan 12, 2012

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Does USPS need a barcode?

The USPS requires that a USPS Tracking barcode and number appear on all mailpieces sent using these services: First Class Mail Package Service. All Priority Mail Services. All Priority Mail Express Services.

What information is on a USPS barcode?

The Intelligent Mail barcode consists of a 20-digit tracking code (Barcode Identifier, Service Type Identifier, Mailer Identifier, and Serial Number) and a Routing Code (ZIP Code™) field of up to 11 digits.

What does the barcode on the bottom of the envelope tell you?

This unique barcode is printed on envelopes with the recipient’s address. There’s a lot of data contained in those little black bars! They identify the distribution center, the carrier route, the sender’s business mailer ID, and even the type of mail being sent (first class, standard, etc).Aug 5, 2017

What is IMb tracing number?

IMb Tracing™ allows mailers to uniquely identify and receive mail processing data for outgoing and incoming reply mailpieces. It provides mailers with information about automation-compatible letters and flats for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, and Periodicals mail.Jan 9, 2012

What is the barcode on the bottom of my mail?

Overview. The Facing Identification Mark (or FIM) is used by the USPS to assist in the processing of letter mail. This small pattern of vertical bars plays an important role in speeding your envelope mail through the USPS system.

What are the numbers on the bottom of an envelope?

If you are wondering about the barcode at the bottom of the envelope, there is a hyper-specific rhyme and reason as to why certain numbers appear. There are three different types: five-digit POSTNET barcodes, ZIP+four-digit POSTNET barcodes and delivery-point barcodes (or DPBC).Jun 18, 2019

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