Are COB LEDs better for growing?

Are COB LEDs better for growing?

Highly Efficient: Using COB LED lights to grow for your indoor growing plants are better because they offer more input power. Thus, you get better efficient input with lesser power consumption.

Are COBs good for growing?

But I can tell you this: they are very good at both growing and flowering plants like cannabis. Better than most alternatives, that’s for sure. In this brief article, we will take a look at why COBs are so great and also make sure you know which ones are actually worth getting.Apr 4, 2020

Are COB LEDs more efficient?

Although a COB LED is efficient, an SMD LED has an even greater level of efficiency. That’s because more lumens are produced per watt. In other words, you’ll receive more light with less wattage. An SMD LED also produces a broader light beam, which means the light doesn’t need as large of a heat sink as a COB LED does.Feb 11, 2020

How efficient are COB lights?

High efficiency In comparison to older lightings, COB LED chip has a higher watt ratio. It produces a large number of lumens per watt that can reach 100 while traditional DIP LED can only offer 20-50 lumens per watt.Jul 2, 2021

What is better LED or COB?

Simply put, COB LEDs are brighter, consume less power, and output a higher quality beam of light compared to older LED technologies found in most other trade show lighting today. The next time you are in the market for exhibit lighting, insist on COB LED technology!Oct 12, 2017

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Do COB grow lights work?

COB LEDs have proven very effective in flood lights and light bulbs where SMD LEDs would not fit into a small space at higher power levels. Light density increases significantly as there are more diodes packed together in a tight space.Oct 23, 2019

What is a COB light?

A COB light is a type of LED light, with COB standing for Chip-On-Board. COB lights are essentially an array of LED chips that are tightly packed together and bonded to a substrate such as silicon carbide. … Those types of singular round LEDs are called DIP LEDs, or Dual In-Line Package.

How long do COB LEDs last?

Light Type µmol/j (ppf/w) Lifespan
——————– ————– —————
COB LED 1.8-2.5 30,000 – 60,000
Double-ended HPS 1.4-1.8 10,000 – 15,000
Ceramic Metal Halide 1.1-1.5 15,000 – 20,000
High Pressure Sodium 0.8-1.7 9,000 – 17,000

Are COB LEDs efficient?

When the chip is combined into the COB bulb, the efficiency of the whole bulb will drop a little, approximately 15% to 20% due to many factors like light beam angle, LED chip assembling, silicone gel, and power supply among others. So the whole LED COB bulb efficiency is approximately 130-140 lm/watt.Feb 7, 2018

Are LED lights considered full spectrum?

Often referred to a purple, or blurple, LEDs, the manufacturers of these lights refer to them as “full spectrum”. But they are not. Even if they have diodes in many other colors, they are not really full spectrum.

Are COB LED lights good?

While COB LEDS do provide an excellent light intensity, they’re not exactly the best when it comes to spread, because COB LEDs are a single-point light source (meaning all light comes from a single point in space).May 20, 2019

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